Michigan's Fire Towers


This site is dedicated to the fire towers in Michigan.During most
of the twentieth century, Michigan had over 200 fire towers located
throughout the state. Today, there are less than 25 remaining.The
first fire tower was constructed in Higgins Lake in 1913. During the
1920'3 and 1930's the majority of towers were built. Towers were
used to spot fires within Michigans private, State and Federal forest
lands. They peaked in the 1950's with 205 towers in use.
In 1962 Michigan began using aircraft for aerial
survalence. During this time, the use of fire towers
like the one to the left began to be used less and
less.The tower shown here is the Seney Wildlife Refuge
Tower. In 1954, this tower was moved to its present
location from the nearby city of Germfask. Today, it is
still standing and can be seen directly behind the
visitors center on the Refuge. Although it is not open
to the public, it is the finest example of the Michigan's
remaining towers.

To view a list of the fire towers in Michigan, please
select the above TOWER LIST link above. For more
history on these towers, please take a look at either the
HISTORY or FFLA links. .

Download Full Image Seney Fire Tower, Seney Michigan

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